I am Gg. From GlamGorgeous.

I am happy to actually be sharing my passion and experiences with you. I JUST LOVE HAIR. Nerdy Right? How can someone love hair?

I never knew I would end up as a hairstylist, hair person, whatever you choose to call it. I sort of stumbled into it. I remember a love for trendy hair and styling from when I was about 11years old. I am mostly self-taught. I say mostly because I later went on some hair and beauty courses to improve myself. I have 10years experience working in the hair industry. And another 10 prior to that learning to manage my own hair and practising with every available head I could find dollies head or human ( Thank you mum, Aunty Bee and Aunty Phil) I trained with L’oreal and Matrix. I love to experiment and play with the hair. I have a vision to provide a personalised hair experience where you are free to express your yourself and professionalism meets creativity. To provide a service that was tailored to each individual. Where your opinion mattered and the health of your hair was and still is the start of your hair journey. Hair type or ethnic background was not to be a barrier. I was thirsty for knowledge (I still am). I wanted to know about all the hair textures, play with colour, work with braids, try edgy hairstyles and learn about the latest hair treatments and trends. I’m not interested in how long it takes. I get my reward from the smile on that face, the sparkle in her eyes or the ever so slight lift in those shoulders when she sees the change.

I love to take care of hair. I would like to empower people with hair issues. Starting from the basics as I would love everyone to love their hair. In so doing, love themselves much more. GlamGorgeousness is all about nurturing your inner beauty so it can shine through and be seen on the outside.

A lot of time, effort, dedication, sweat and late nights have gone into this affair. I never thought it would be easy but with support from my family, friends and my wonderful clients, I got this far.


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